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The idea

Basically, this RP is constantly open to new players- just post an intro and start playing. Although it's nice to post a character bio.

The storyline so far

(As of 3 Jul 07. I'm writing this from memory so it might not be 100% correct/accurate)

Sebastian the Ochre has read a prophecy that warns us of the end of the world- An Armaggeddon type scenario. He's called several 'heroes' to him, presumably to get them to prevent this. There are several other groups also heading towards him, including a group of religious zealots, followers of the evil god Cruach who seek an artifact that will allow them to summon him and a preistess of the Elven death god, Aken. There are also several groups who haven't revealed their goals, destinations or alignments yet, including the 'Oracles' and a tech-enhanced troll.


Put your character bios here. Put links if possible to save space, please.

Cheez's characters in the Free for all Fantasy RP

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